Slavisa Jokanovic Is Worried About Mistakes

Fulham Boss Slavisa Jokanovic feels they need to work on the mistakes if they want to perform better in the Premier League.

Fulham haven’t had much breathing space in the top flight as they are struggling to find a foothold in the Premier League. The newly promoted side was one of the busiest clubs in the transfer market but that hasn’t really reflected in their result.

Four points from four matches have led them to 13th position in the league table and they are about to face a stern taste in their next match when they travel to the Etihad Stadium.

The Cottagers boss utilized the international break properly as he took his side to Spain in a bid to rectify the mistakes. He said, “It’s not a question about individual mistakes, we need to set up better.

“I really care about our positional play, if we are not in good positions mistakes arrive.

“I don’t need to explain to my players when they miss passes or if they don’t cross well. They need to improve these things, but I must give them a clear plan on how to play their football.

“I am not focused on individual mistakes and I am not surprised that at the beginning of the Premier League we have made mistakes but this team is new.

“I used our mini pre-season in Spain to explain to the players how we play and what we expect from our side and what is the mechanism we want to use.

“Some of these players need to know each other and have some kind of understanding of the family way of working with the team.

“Individual mistakes exist and I don’t believe we will completely avoid them. In football mistakes exist but I really care about our quantity of mistakes.”

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