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Steve McManaman slams Chico Flores for role in Andy Carroll red card


Steve McManaman has slammed Swansea centre-half Chico Flores for his “WWE wrestling” rolls that resulted in Andy Carroll’s dismissal during West Ham’s 2-0 win over their struggling Welsh rivals, live on BT Sport.

The Hammers striker caught Flores with a flailing arm as the two players fought for the ball in the air, resulting in referee Howard Webb showing Carroll a red card.

But BT Sport football expert McManaman insisted it should not have been a sending off due to Flores’ theatrical reaction to the contact he felt from Carroll’s arm.

“I don’t think it was a red card,” McManaman said on BT Sport. “You can see Howard Webb put his finger to his ear. He must be talking to one of his officials. We presume that’s what it is because his view was hindered slightly.

“Yes it’s a flailing arm from Andy Carroll but I don’t think he meant it. He hits Chico Flores on his forehead if anything.

“The fact that he (Flores) rolls down clutching his nose and his mouth and rolls over four times has helped Webb with his decision.

“Chico hasn’t helped anyone at all. It’s up to his team-mates to go and tell him he’s got previous for doing this.

“You can’t be injured and roll around four times on the floor like that. It’s tantamount to WWE wrestling. He can’t be doing that.”

West Ham confirmed they would be appealing against the dismissal, and McManaman said he believed the club would succeed in getting the red card rescinded.

“I think West Ham will appeal and they’ll probably get away with it,” said McManaman.

“Andy Carroll’s not looking at Flores with his flailing arm and he’ll probably get away with it.”

Written by Steve Milne


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