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The truth behind the life of Neymar

The truth behind the life of Neymar

Neymar is perhaps the most talked about footballer after the two GOATs.

The Brazilian is a phenomenally talented football player but his temperament has always been under question. He broke into the scene with Santos nearly a decade back and his rise to fame has been well documented ever since.

From starring at Barcelona with Lionel Messi, to leading Brazil and now shouldering the responsibility at PSG, Neymar has never been out of the limelight.

However, what the camera has camera caught more often than not is the life of Neymar outside of footballer. It has always come across to the fans and media as a superstar rather than a footballer.

His larger than life image has proven detrimental to his footballing career with many calling the winger a has-been already. However, he seems to have found support from an old team-mate of his in Kevin Trapp.

“Although people don’t know him, a lot has been written about him,” Trapp said. “This creates an image which is not true. I can’t confirm anything.”

“If you have Neymar on the team, he will help you,” Trapp said. “He gets fouls and gives you an advantage. It’s hard to stop Neymar.”

It does sound nice to have Neymar but Trapp’s defence looks biased and flaky at best – for the world cannot unsee those special moments of Neymar letting down football.

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