The ULTIMATE Chelsea five-a-side team that would DESTROY any league

These five Blues players could win any five-a-side league.

After writing The starting XI that will win Chelsea the Premier League title, I got thinking, “what if we narrowed this list down to the best five players”

Then I thought, what it was a Five-a-side team!

It’s not an easy task picking only five players, there are a lot of variables involved, What style do I want the team to play IE: Attacking, passive etc.

This is important as picking the right players for the right style of player and that have good chemistry withing that choice of play is crucial.

So I’ve gone with an attacking tactic which allows me a bit more range to choose from.

Now lets take a look at my personal choice for a Chelsea Football Club Five-a-side:

GK- Thibaut Courtois


He’s tall and his reach would be a huge advantage playing in this size goal, he’s be hard to beat.

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