Thibaut Courtois’ agent says why he moved to Real Madrid

Thibaut Courtois’ agent Christophe Henrotay said that the Belgian moved to Real Madrid because of family reasons. Courtois signed a six-year deal with Real Madrid just a few days back. Thibaut Courtois was eager to leave Chelsea and did not even turn up for training after his return to England. Henrotay said that there were some pretty reasons behind forcing the transfer.

Henrotay said, “There has been a misunderstanding that he wanted to get a move for the wrong reasons, but he was pushing to go out of Chelsea because of his child. If the family were in London it would have been totally different. He would have stayed, there is no reason to leave a club like Chelsea, he could have won trophies.

Unfortunately his kids are living with the mother in Madrid. He had the contract and it depended on Chelsea, but running close to the end of his contract, Chelsea had an interest to find a deal with Madrid, which they did. It is personal reasons so we have to respect this. Chelsea understood the situation and really helped to get the deal. They did a really quick and easy deal together, understanding the humanity of the situation. It is not doing something against their fans it is about getting the best of a situation that is not ideal.”

Henrotay added, “It’s a move he wanted because of his family and he had the opportunity to go back to Madrid – a city he loves and to such a big club in Real Madrid. When we arrived in Madrid to make the signing, I had his parents, his brother, his sister, his child, the mother of the child, everyone is there and I said to him that I am delighted to make a great deal for him in going to Real Madrid but also it’s a family coming together. I could see tears in their eyes and it delighted me to be able to do something not only for a player, for a client, but for a family, which is great.

I fully understand the fans of Chelsea and no one has reason to blame that feeling. Thibaut is such a great goalkeeper and he did his best at Chelsea to bring titles and trophies so it is not a great feeling to lose such a player.”

Courtois will most likely make his debut for Real Madrid against his former club Atletico Madrid at the UEFA Super Cup on Wednesday at Tallinn.

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