This is Chelsea’s top 15 players of all time | do you agree?

John Terry is set to leave Stamford Bridge at the end of the season and as one the greatest players in the club’s history

But let’s not forget how much talent has come from Chelsea Football Club.

So who are Chelsea’s best players of all time, there are many to choose from, but we have it narrowed down to the top 15 best players.

let’s take a look at Chelsea’s top 15 players of all time

15. Peter Sillett

Peter Sillett battles Wolves forward Jackie Henderson in 1958

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  1. Nick Papadakis

    Aug 9, 2017 at 3:18 am

    Essien is missing.
    Hazard also, maybe because he is still a player.
    Peter Czech is also missing.
    Should have been 18 all time greats.

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