This is how Diego Costa REALLY feels about Chelsea Football Club | Can you handle it?

Lying for the Mainstream Media is like a crack-head addicted to ice, they can’t stop and they won’t stop.

While the mainstream media lazy journalists continue to blatantly lie, make up stories and continue on the narrative that Diego Costa had a fight with Conte and is unhappy at Stamford Bridge, I maintained throughout the Diego Costa/Antonio Conte fight scandal that it was a lie.

It annoy’s me the Mainstream Media will make up lies to get clicks, but, what annoys me more is people still watch or read these sources.

They are blatantly lying to you on a daily basis.

As I outlined in my previous article on this subject, Do no forget the other times the Mainstream Media has pulled this stunt

It only happened last year in October, the headlines read: Diego Costa and Antonio Conte were involved in furious changing room row after Leicester win.

Which the Club denied and debunked.

And now just as Chelsea Football Club were approaching the game against the Foxes this year what do we have?

Costa and Conte in another Bust-up, only this time it was BEFORE the Leicester City game, strange isn’t it.

Point is, it did not happen.

When the news eventually broke that Costa was not going to be playing against Leicester City , (and when he was asked again after this), Conte clearly gave the answer that Costa had suffered a back injury and nothing more.


So why did the mainstream media add more information to the facts? why didn’t they just report the truth?

They already knew about Costa’s back injury, they knew Costa was not playing the match, and they knew the offers from China were fake news, So why not just simply report, ‘Costa is not available for this weekends clash due to a back injury’.

He also went onto say: “I read a lot of speculation about this topic,” he said. “I can say if there are problems, and I repeat if there are problems, I am used in my career to solving the problem in the changing room, not outside or in the press conference, and I repeat if there are problems. I told you the truth.”

When asked the same sort of questions after the match Conte said

“I think before the game I told the truth and I repeat the truth because I like to and I don’t lie.

Diego stopped his training Tuesday because he felt a pain in his back, for this reason he was not available. This is the truth.”

This confirms what I said above, he already knew on that Tuesday, Costa would have been checked as soon as he got the injury,

So why didn’t everyone release that information earlier?

Conte also answered that AFTER the game as well saying he does not know anything about a bid from China, yet we are still hearing fake news reports about ‘bids’.

The whole thing was manipulated so you would click on their articles and make you think there was trouble with Costa and Conte.

Is Diego Costa happy at Chelsea Football Club?


Antonio Conte has stated just the other day, once again, that  Diego Costa is “happy” to remain at Chelsea for the long-term.

“The situation is very clear. Conte said, He’s very happy to stay, and very happy to fight for the title.

“Yeah, I think [he will stay for a long time]. I see him every day, I see his commitment, his behaviour. He loves this club.”

So as you can see this is how Diego Costa REALLY feels about Chelsea Football Club.

With 15 Premier League goals this term – second only to Romelu Lukaku (16), Costa is having a great season, the fans are happy with him, the staff is happy with him, the team is happy with him and most of all his boss is very happy with him.

This unusual media attack on Chelsea Football Club is something that needs to come into question, the strange lies and speculation that these mainstream media journalists concoct is astonishing, they are rarely correct, and to be fair this also happens to a few other clubs, but right now this is about Costa and Chelsea Football Club.

Can the media not handle it when Costa is happy at the Club?, are they trying to psych him out?, or were the rumors started by a Journalist or editor that happens to be a Leicester supporter given both times the news broke was on the same week the Blues played the Foxes?.

It’s not so crazy when you think about all that is happening with the mainstream media and politics, telling straight up lies to fit their agenda, the same happens in Football, the networks all have an agenda and its not for you, it’s all for them.

Some may say, but Steve, if you are so good why don’t you write for Sky or BBC?

Short answer is, I don’t lie, I fact check and I actually care about the information delivered to the people, they won’t even look at someone like me because they can’t make me fabricate a story.

That, and I call out the media lies on a daily basis.

You can read my full first report on this subject where I delve into the bigger scheme behind the lies:

What they won’t tell you about Diego Costa and Antonio Contes ‘Bust-Up’ | The Truth!

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