“This is one of the BEST strikers around!” – Ryan Bertrand

Southampton’s Ryan Bertrand believes that Jermain Defoe is one of the best strikers around.

Speaking to Southampton’s official website ahead of their game against Sunderland, Bertrand claimed that the striker deserves more attention and recognition for his talents.

Defoe has bagged 14 goals so far in the Premier League, at the age of 34.

A struggling Sunderland side have needed goals this season, and more often that not Defoe is the man that provides for David Moyes’ side.

And Bertrand believes the man he will likely face in the match – someone whom he has had brief spells with before, is one of the best strikers in the Premier League.

Bertrand has no doubt that he and his Southampton team mates will need to keep a keen eye on Defoe, who has shown he is able to mix it up with some of the best defences in the English top flight, despite being in his mid-30’s.

“He’s come back and playing in, with due respect, a lesser side – according to the table at least – and still producing the goals.

Bertrand also pointed out that Defoe deserves more recognition for his form in the league.
“He fully deserves everything and he should get more recognition than he does.
“I’ve had brief spells with him and he’s been very professional in his approach to football, and that proves again that perhaps age is just a number, and 14 goals in the Premier League is no small feat and he deserves all the recognition that he should get.
“No-one doubts that he is a threat in front of goal and will score goals.”

There is no doubt that Defoe is a danger man for Sunderland, and one that they will have to prepare for accordingly if they are to get a result at the Stadium of Light, despite Sunderland having struggled this season under former Manchester United manager David Moyes.

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