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This is the starting XI that will win Chelsea the Premier League title!


Under new Boss Antonio Conte Chelsea have slowly but surely started to become a dominant team.

And the Premier League title is still within reach.

However, the Blue are still sensitive to change, this is why Conte has been strict on his starting XI.

At first he was mixing it up a bit, but anyone can see he was testing his new 3-4-3 formation.

Now it seems he has found a comfortable lineup.

If he continues to field the lineup below, and provided the players stay on course, Chelsea may very well challenge the favourites to the Premier League Cup.

Take a look and see if you agree, but in my opinion this is the starting Xi that could easily win The Blues the Premier League Title.

This is providing the lads keep form, avoid injuries and or course suspensions,

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G- Thibaut Courtois 


He certainly makes it difficult for any striker to score, As we know Courtois has the ability to aid Chelsea to the top.


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