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Top 10 Footballers Who Retired Too Soon


3. Eric Cantona

eric_cantona is one of the Top 10 Footballers Who Retired Too Soon

In third place is Manchester United legend Eric Cantona. Cantona was one of the stars in English football and was once voted as Manchester United’s greatest ever player. It is clear with the existence of new talents such as Cristiano Ronaldo and the likes of David De Gea , Eric Cantona is far from being the greatest ever player at the Theater of Dreams .

Cantona scored close to 100 goals during his six-year spell at the club. He managed to win four league titles and two FA Cup titles. He retired at the age of 30 and was reported to have said that he wanted to spend more time with his friends and have drinks , things which he couldn’t do as an athlete.

He’s one of the many Manchester United Footballers Who Retired Too Soon.


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