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Top 10 most gifted full-backs of all time!


4) Giacinto Facchetti

most gifted full-backs of all time Giacinto Facchetti

Fachhetti was a typical Italian full-back. Defensive. Strong. Attacking. Tactical. He was absolute class at the back and was ahead of times considering his offensive skills which contributed to Inter Milan’s dominance in 1960’s. He also played 94 times for Italy and won the 1968 European Championship and ended up as runners-up in 1970 world cup. He is one of the most gifted full-backs ever.


  1. Roberto Carlos I would say was a better player than Maldini but I can see why you put Maldini at 1…shame you couldn’t find a spot for Kenny Sansom, the 1st of the modern full backs.


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