Top 10 Man United flops of all time

Man United flops Di Maria

Top 10 Man United flops

Flop is a harsh word. But in some cases, it’s deserved. Here we are looking at the Top Ten Man United flops.

Manchester United have had some world class players, well, a LOT of world class players, but for every world class player a top club signs, there’s one player who didn’t quite live up to expectations – or in some cases, come anywhere close, really. Here we will look at the Top ten Man United flops of all time.

This time it’s Manchester United’s turn for a grilling, as we countdown the top 10 Man United flops.

Top 10 Man United Flops of all time


Man United flops

Joined: January 2009; Fee: £7 million; Appearances: 5; Goals: 0

Remember him? Kind of? Us too.

Tosic was seen as the successor to United legend Ryan Giggs (a tough billing to live up to from the start, then?) after some eye-catching performances for Partizan Belgrade.

He arrived to much excitement, being seen as an incredible young talent and potentially a big star for United in the future, but it didn’t quite turn out that way, as he only managed to rack up 79 minutes in TOTAL for United, as he struggled desperately to adapt to English football, as so many do.

Eventually, in June 2010, he was shipped off for an undisclosed fee to CSKA Moscow, where he still plays to this day.

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