TOP 10 Most Expensive Goalkeepers’ of all-time

most expensive goalkeepers

Most expensive goalkeepers ever

Most expensive goalkeeper? Have you ever wondered who are the most expensive transfers in football? There are unbelievably many players that are bought and sold all the time, but what are the most expensive transfers? In order to find the most expensive goalkeeper ever, we have reviewed the old articles and lists that we have published. Then we have created a list of the most expensive goalkeepers’ ever.

Now, at Silly Season we can present the list of the most expensive goalkeepers’ ever.

Who are the most expensive goalkeepers ever?

Highest amount transfers in football? Most expensive transfers in football? Real Madrid’s acquisition of Bale and his transfer sum is among the most expensive transfers in football history. Something that is clear is that the Spanish La Liga top teams Real Madrid and Barcelona account for the majority of the acquisitions. And that the English Premier League stands for sales among the most expensive transfers ever.

As a player, it’s obviously awesome to be one of the most expensive football players on the planet. However, the press has to be incredibly high pressure. It’s so that the sweat drops break out in the pan at just the thought! For the money being paid, it is also about soccer players who are happy to take into account. Recently there has been speculation that goalkeepers such as Chelsea’s Thibaut Courtois and Manchester United’s David de Gea could possibly move to Real Madrid for crazy money- up to €100million! So we thought we’d take a look at some of the most expensive goalkeepers of all-time.

Most expensive goalkeepers’ ever

Here are the most expensive goalkeepers in history.

10. Sebastien Frey- €21million (Inter Milan to Parma,2001)

most expensive goalkeepers'

Sebastien Frey was sold to Parma in 2001 from Inter Milan. The Frenchman played most of his career in Italy playing for multiple clubs in the Serie A. He was later sold to Firoentina after four seasons at Parma.

Transfer sum: €21million

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