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Top-10 Premier League Footballers

Top-10 Premier League Footballers
Top-10 Premier League Footballers

SillySeason list their 10 players in the Premier League

Top-10 Premier League Footballers
Top-10 Premier League Footballers

With the 2015/2016 campaign just under a month away, SillySeason are going to do a nearly impossible task. We are going to list our top-10 players in the league.

Now this article will probably cause an outrage within a lot of fans because we all know, football is a game of opinions, but after much discussion between our writers, we have put together a list of the top-10.

Everyone will have their own list and their own opinions on who should make the list, but we have put together our version and you guys can comment your list in the comment selection below.

So no more need for introductions, it’s time to get into the list starting with number-10.

10) Nemanja Matic – Chelsea


It’s always difficult to win applauds when you don’t score goals or make assists, but throughout the 2014/2015 campaign, Nemanja Matic certainly stamped his name on our list.

The defensive midfielder was vital for Chelsea during their title-winning campaign and without him in the heart of the midfield, things could have been a lot different for The Blues.

He’s as solid as a rock, but he can also spread the ball around the park brilliantly as well. He quickly developed an understanding with Cesc Fabregas and the duo became formidable in the heart of the midfield.

Every team in the Premier League needs that strong, hard-hitting midfielder in order to protect the back-line and allow more flair players in front of him do the damage.

When you have Eden Hazard, Oscar and Willian ahead of you, it’s pretty easy to sit back and hold the formation.



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