Top 10 Premier League leaders

Who’s the best man to lead your team on the pitch?

To be successful in the Premier League, you need a lot of things.

You generally need a safe pair of hands in goal, a commanding centre-back, a box-to-box midfielder, and a world class striker. To sum up, you need a strong spine, and even better, within that, a leader for your team.

Right now, there are a fair few out there. The types that pull their team by the scruff of the neck while they’re behind and almost single-handed salvage points for their side.

So who is the Premier League’s number 1 leader? Here is the list…

10) Paul Pogba – Manchester United

He’s not been at Old Trafford long, but you can really see how Paul Pogba has control of his midfield, and the opposition, at all times. He’s a quality player who is going to bring a lot to United.

Done Deal: Paul Pogba pictured in a Manchester United shirt

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