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Top 10 refereeing mistakes!


Which blunders make the list?

Referees have a tough job. The pressure on them is incredible, they take abuse from fans, managers and players.

However, sometimes it’s their own fault. Sometimes they just don’t help themselves at all and make some really hilariously bad decisions.

But which referees have made the worst errors? Let’s take a look!

10) Felix Brych – Hoffenheim vs Bayern Leverkusen – 2013


One of the more forgiveable errors on the list, nonetheless this is something of a howler. Leverkusen’s Stefan Kiessling rose like a salmon to head home a corner in what looked like a routine set piece goal; the ball nestling in the back of the net and referee Brych awarding the goal. However, upon watching a replay, it soon became clear that the ball had not entered the net via the goal – instead, it had managed to get through a hole in the side-netting.


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