Top 10 Most Selfish Soccer Players of All Time

7. Robinho

Robinho is one of the Top 10 Most Selfish Soccer Players of All Time

A player we all heard. Robinho had played for a number of the Biggest clubs in the world, playing for AC Milan, Real Madrid, Manchester City and others and was last playing for Chinese side Guangzhou Evergrande. This Brazilian liked to dribble and do step overs, he usually took his opponents to the corner did a couple of step overs rather than passing the ball to his team mates who were in better positions.

Recently he’s landed himself into some serious trouble- that is serious legal trouble- and he has been sentenced to nine years in jail for being part of a gang rape, but for some reason he’s allowed to keep playing football during the appeals process, which could take years. Robinho has now signed for Turkish club Sivasspor.

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