TOP 10: Steven Gerrard’s Best Goals For Liverpool

Steven Gerrard’s 10 Best Goals In The Liverpool Jersey

Steven Gerrard made this weekend his 709 th match in Liverpool Jersey and during his time at the club, he has been responsible for many great-looking goals and overall there has been 185 direct goals for Englishman in the red shirt. That makes him the club’s fifth best scorer of all time, and then he is not a striker. He has never been selected as a forward in Liverpool but despite that he has made an awful lot of goals over the years. His sensitive passningsfot, challenging runs and hard tackles has become his ‘trademarks’ of the game.

Steven Gerrard’s 10 most beautiful goals for Liverpool

Steven Gerrard has made several extremely attractive goals with many jaws drop. He has scored both through long shot and free kicks and now we have selected the best 10 goals 34-year-old made during his 18 years at the club. Take a look at the Steven Gerrard stylish goals!

1. Sheffield Wednesday, 1999

What is better than to start the list with Steven Gerrard’s first goal for Liverpool? When the target was considered Steven Gerrard to be a promising talent from Liverpool Academy , but he was still standing behind the Michael Owen with its speed and målfarlighet were allowed to stand in the spotlight who was then England’s next big striker. Steven Gerrard introduced himself in the manner he made the most goals to get past a couple of defenders and then go to the right or left and finish into the far corner with power and precision. This was the beginning of a fine career at Anfield .

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