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Top 5 Football Criminals- 2018


Eric-Cantona-Kick Football Criminals

Top 5 Football Criminals- Footballers who have been charged with a crime

Who are the Top 5 Football Criminals? Has it ever occurred to your mind about finding out Footballers who have been charged with Crime? well if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the Top 5 Football Criminals. Football is not supposed to be a sport with crime but some players have done things that they regret doing as it has affected their careers.

Everyone is fond of making bad decisions and in this list we are looking at five footballers who have probably made some of the worst decisions of their lives and have paid the price for their wrong doings.

Top Five Footballers To Have Committed Crimes

Previously we have published the Top 10 Footballers Caught Taking DrugsTop 10 Soccer Players Who Smoke & Top 10 Footballers With The Longest Bans In The Premier League if you haven’t yet seen them make sure you do after this list of the Top 5 Football Criminals.

Here are the Top 5 Football Criminals:

 5. Glen Johnson – Theft

Football Criminals glen johnson

The then Chelsea man who was currently playing for Portsmouth on loan from the Blues was arrested for attempted theft of toilet seats and bathing taps from B & Q back in 2007. Despite the Englishman earning £30,000 per week at Portsmouth, security cameras showed that he was putting toilet seats into a box with cheaper price and was arrested by the Kent Police. The 22 year old was fined 80 pounds for attempted theft because of this he makes the Top 5 Football Criminals.


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