Tottenham Still ‘Missing Something’ To Push For Title: Hugo Lloris

Tottenham Still 'Missing Something' To Push For Title: Hugo Lloris

Hugo Lloris has admitted that Tottenham Hotspur might still not have what it takes to consistently challenge for Premier League title.

Spurs are currently 9th in the table after losing their second game against Newcastle United and letting Arsenal climb back up from a 0-2 lead last weekend.

They finished fourth last season despite gaining considerable ground in the third spot midway through the campaign. Lloris has refused to panic on the matter but he definitely believes it to be a serious issue.

“Liverpool and Man City have the experience and they are really competitive,” he told Sky Sports. “I think, at the moment, there’s something missing from us. We will see later in the season because things turn very quickly in football.

“The most important thing is we focus on ourselves, to get points, to get consistency in the league. We will see where we are in the table in April, in March. That is the moment when you can win or lose European places or trophies. At the moment, we don’t want to lose focus with that type of question.”

Lloris himself looked wobbly during the North London derby as he easily could given away two goals to the opponents. The 32-year-old has been Spurs’ leading custodian for 7 years now but he still needs to grow as a dependable shot-stopper. Tottenham are due to take on Crystal Palace on September 14.

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