Home Football Tottenham’s Harry Kane Addressed Criticism For Dirty Fouling

Tottenham’s Harry Kane Addressed Criticism For Dirty Fouling

Tottenham's Harry Kane Addressed Criticism For Dirty Fouling

Harry Kane was at the end of heavy criticism following his actions in the 2-1 win over Brighton And Hove Albion.

Tottenham Hotspur won the tie with a controversial penalty awarded their way.

Kane was seen backing into Adam Lallana while the latter had already jumped to win a header. Lallana came crashing down to the ground and penalized for fouling the Englishman.

“From my point of view the ball was in the air, I’ve tried to put my body in between the player to shield the ball as if you would from a goal kick,” Kane told Sky Sports.

“He has jumped into the back of me with quite a bit of force, which obviously put me to the floor.

“The ref gave it as a free-kick, VAR gave it as a foul, from my point of view I can understand maybe it’s a 50-50 decision, it’s not a definite foul you get all the time. But you definitely get five out of 10 of them in a game.

“Just the fact it was turned into a penalty it then becomes more of a talking point, but that’s why VAR is there. They have a look at it, they decide if they think it’s a foul, the ref and the VAR both did and that’s why I got the penalty.”

This isn’t the first time Kane has received a foul call in such a way. But the overall technique of winning the referee’s favour is unpopular. It could bring an opposition player in serious harm’s way.

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