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Tuchel: This is how I plan to beat United..

Tuchel This is how I plan to beat United..

PSG manager Thomas Tuchel has revealed his plan to beat Manchester United.

“Pogba remains a key player who, with his talent, is one of the best midfielders in the world,” he told reporters. “It is clear that we have to stop him, like Bruno Fernandes who makes a lot of assists.

“Pogba and Bruno Fernandes are key players in the middle. With Nemanja Matic, they’re very strong. They play with super-fast attackers, and for me they are one of the strongest teams in Europe in the attacking transitions.

“It will be necessary to stop them before the counterattacks. We want to take the ball, show our style and impose it, but we need to play with a good structure to evolve with a good counter-pressing and to prevent opposing counter-attacks, especially since they are also efficient on set pieces.

“These are key points on which it will be necessary to defend well.”

Tuchel was also coy to answer if he thinks his team has improved since last season and is ready to take the next step to win the final.

“Honestly, I don’t know [if we’re better]. We have to prove and it’s difficult because we had a super strong team last season,” he added. “But it’s sport. A new competition begins and we have to show the same.

“The question is not whether we are more or less strong. Last season’s Champions League is over. We have to show what we are worth today, and it is only after the season that we will be able to answer this question.”

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