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Fans protest over spiralling away ticket prices.

Fans from the Premier League and top 10 Championship clubs are set to protest this weekend over the dramatic increase in ticket prices.

The expression of Football being the workman’s game has never been more distant to the game than now. Every season, ticket prices are increasing and the away fans are taking the brunt of it.

The average trip to Arsenal for example will cost will in excess of £100 after accounting admission, travel and match day extras. After the controversy of the Arsenal vs Liverpool game last season, it looks like fans have had enough of paying over the odds to see their team.

With the new TV deal on the horizon, the recent outburst has united fans from all over the country with the same goal. It has been advised that £20 should be charged at every ground in the top-two tiers. The proposition would then give fans a chance to attend more games without the financial hardship.

In terms of pricing the Bundesliga is one the cheapest in Europe with some tickets combining travel to the game. It has to be questioned if they can do it, why can’t a cash rich Premier League do it?

Arsenal play host to Manchester United this weekend were away fans will be charged £64 to gain admittance to the Emirates. With the magnitude of the game will be utilized to demonstrate the ‘£20 is Plenty’ rule.

The Football Supporters Federation commented The ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ initiative has already led to 68,000 fans saving a total of £738,000 over the past two seasons through reciprocal deals, where clubs agree to cap each other’s away-ticket prices.


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