UEFA Champions League Quarterfinal Schedule

UEFA Champions League Quarterfinal Schedule

UEFA Champions League Draw Results: With the UEFA Champions League draw now complete everyone one was waiting to see who their favorite team will face in the quarter-final and here are the results. German clubs Wolfsburg will take on Real Madrid, Bayern Munchen will take on Benfica, Barcelona will face fellow Spanish team Athletico Madrid and Manchester City will take on Paris Saint Germain.

UEFA Champions League Quarterfinal Schedule

UEFA Champions League Quarterfinal Schedule

The first legs of the UEFA Champions League quarter final will take place on the 6th and 7th April and the second legs on the 12th and 13th April. Two matches will be played on Tuesday and two matches on wednessday as usual. Same as the second legs o tuesday 12th April and wednesday 13th April.

UEFA Champions League Quarterfinal Schedule – Confirmed

Below is the Champions League quarter final schedule.

Champions League quarter final 1st legs 2nd legs
1 Wolfsburg vs Real Madrid Tuesday, 05 April Wednesday, 13 April
2 Bayern Munich vs Benfica Tuesday, 05 April Wednesday, 13 April
3 Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid Wednesday, 06 April Tuesday, 12 April
4 PSG vs Manchester City Wednesday, 06 April Tuesday, 12 April

With these ties above i can personally try and give a prediction on which teams will go through to the semi final. With Barcelona one of the favorites to win the Champions League it looks that they wont get it easy through the semi final but will definitely go through according to me. Real Madrid will definitely go through the German outfits can’t match Real Madrid’s outstanding team. Bayern Munich will also get an easy win against Portuguese opponents and finally the match everyone will be waiting for Paris Germain Vs Manchester City well, for this one i can’t predict seems like it can go ether way.

Champions League Semifinal Draw & Schedule

After concluding the quarter-finals on the 13th April, 2016 the four qualified teams will now be drawn without any restrictions and can face anyone. The semi-final tie winner will also determine on which team will be the home side in the final.

The final of the UEFA Champions League will take place on 28 May 2016 at San Siro, Milan.

UEFA Champions League 2015-16 Schedule & Calendar

In case, you missed out the calendar for the whole 2015/16 UEFA Champions League. Here is the entire 2015/16 UEFA Champions League calendar.

UEFA Champions League Stage Dates
Group Stage Draw 28th August 2015
Matchday 1 (Group Stage) 15–16 September 2015
Matchday 2 (Group Stage) 29–30 September 2015
Matchday 3 (Group Stage) 20–21 October 2015
Matchday 4 (Group Stage) 3–4 November 2015
Matchday 5 (Group Stage) 24–25 November 2015
Matchday 6 (Group Stage) 8–9 December 2015
First Knockout Stage Draw 14 December 2015
1st Legs (Round of 16) 16–17 & 23–24 February 2016
2nd Legs (Round of 16) 8–9 & 15–16 March 2016
Quarter-Finals Draw 18 March 2016
1st Legs (Quarter-Finals) 5–6 April 2016
2nd Legs (Quarter-Finals) 12–13 April 2016
Semi-Finals Draw 15 April 2016
1st Legs (Semi-Finals) 26–27 April 2016
2nd Legs (Semi-Finals) 3–4 May 2016
Champions League 2015-16 Final  28th May 2016

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