UEFA Euro 2020 Schedule, Fixtures, Matches & Time Table (Confirmed)

UEFA Euro 2020 Schedule, Fixtures, Matches & Time Table

UEFA Euro 2020 Schedule, Fixtures, Matches & Time Table? When is the Euro 2020 starting? which stadiums will be used? which Cities are going to host the tournament? Have you wanted to find out the UEFA Euro 2020 Schedule, Fixtures, Matches & Time Table? Well, if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the UEFA Euro 2020 Schedule, Fixtures, Matches & Time Table

UEFA Euro 2020 Schedule, Fixtures, Matches & Time Table

The 16th edition of UEFA European Championship is scheduled to play across 12 European countries from 12 June to 12 July 2020. It will be first time in the 60-years European Championship history when UEFA Euro will be played across the continent as 12 cities to host 51 matches of the tournament.

UEFA Euro 2020 matches fixtures & schedule

Rome’s Stadio Olimpico will be hosting opening game of Euro 2020 on June 12 from 9:00 PM onwards. Meanwhile final is scheduled to be hosted at Wembley Stadium in London on 12th July. if Portugal qualify they will be title defending champion in UEFA Euro in 2020

Knockout phase matches will take place from June 27 as Round of 16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and final will be played. 24 national football teams will be competing in this Europe’s international football event for men’s.

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Qualified Team’s For Euro 2020

Which team’s have qualified for the UEFA Euro Championships 2020? no team has qualified for the tournament yet in 2020 but only the pot’s have been confirmed the the UEFA body. Here are the confirmed pot’s.

UEFA Nations League pot (4): Switzerland*, Portugal*, Netherlands*, England*

Pot 1 (6): Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Poland

Pot 2 (10): Germany, Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina*, Ukraine*, Denmark*, Sweden*, Russia, Austria, Wales, Czech Republic

Pot 3 (10): Slovakia, Turkey, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland*, Norway*, Serbia*, Finland*, Bulgaria, Israel

Pot 4 (10): Hungary, Romania, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Cyprus, Estonia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Georgia*

Pot 5 (10): FYR Macedonia*, Kosovo*, Belarus*, Luxembourg, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Gibraltar, Faroe Islands

Pot 6 (5): Latvia, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Malta, San Marino

*Already ensured at least a play-off place after winning UEFA Nations League group

How were the pots formed?

All the teams involved in the UEFA Nations League were classified from 1-55 following the conclusion of the League Phase on Tuesday. Individual league rankings were established according to their position in a group, points gained, goal difference, goals scored etc., with the 12 League A teams ranked 1st to 12th, the 12 League B teams 13th to 24th and so on.

List of the 2020 Euro Fixtures, Schedule

Here is the list of the UEFA Euro Championships 2020. Enjoy.

12 June 2020Match 1A1 vs A2Stadio Olimpico, Rome
13 June 2020Match 2A3 vs A4Bakı Olimpiya Stadionu, Baku
Match 3B1 vs B2Parken Stadium, Copenhagen
Match 4B3 vs B4Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg
14 June 2020Match 5C3 vs C4Arena Națională, Bucharest
Match 6C1 vs C2Johan Cruijff Arena, Amsterdam
Match 7D1 vs D2Wembley Stadium, London
15 June 2020Match 8D3 vs D4Hampden Park, Glasgow
Match 9E3 vs E4Aviva Stadium, Dublin
Match 10E1 vs E2San Mames, Bilbao
16 June 2020Match 11F3 vs F4Allianz Arena, Munich
Match 12F1 vs F2Ferenc Puskas, Budapest
17 June 2020Match 13A2 vs A4Stadio Olimpico, Rome
Match 14A1 vs A3Bakı Olimpiya Stadionu, Baku
Match 15B1 vs B3Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg
18 June 2020Match 16B2 vs B4Parken Stadium, Copenhagen
Match 17C2 vs C4Arena Naționala, Bucharest
Match 18C1 vs C3Johan Cruijff Arena, Amsterdam
19 June 2020Match 19D2 vs D4Wembley Stadium, London
Match 20D1 vs D3Hampden Park, Glasgow
Match 21E1 vs E3Aviva Stadium, Dublin
20 June 2020Match 22E2 vs E4San Mames, Bilbao
Match 23F2 vs F4Allianz Arena, Munich
Match 24F1 vs F3Ferenc Puskas, Budapest
21 June 2020Match 25A2 vs A3Stadio Olimpico, Rome
Match 26A4 vs A1Bakı Olimpiya Stadionu, Baku
22 June 2020Match 27B2 vs B3Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg
Match 28B4 vs B1Parken Stadium, Copenhagen
Match 29C2 vs C3Arena Națională, Bucharest
Match 30C4 vs C1Johan Cruijff Arena, Amsterdam
23 June 2020Match 31D2 vs D3Wembley Stadium, London
Match 32D4 vs D1Hampden Park, Glasgow
24 June 2020Match 33E2 vs E3Aviva Stadium, Dublin
Match 34E4 vs E1San Mames, Bilbao
Match 35F2 vs F3Allianz Arena, Munich
Match 36F4 vs F1Ferenc Puskas, Budapest

Round of 16

27 June 2020Match 37Group A (W) vs Group C (R)Wembley Stadium, London
Match 38Group A (R) vs Group B (R)Johan Cruijff Arena, Amsterdam
28 June 2020Match 39Group B (W) vs Group A/D/E/F (3rd)San Mames, Bilbao
Match 40Group C (W) vs Group D/E/F (3rd)Ferenc Puskas Stadium, Budapest
29 June 2020Match 41Group F (W) vs Group A/B/C (3rd)Arena Națională, Bucharest
Match 42Group D (R) vs Group E (R)Parken Stadium, Copenhagen
30 June 2020Match 43Group E (W) vs Group A/B/C/D (3rd)Hampden Park, Glasgow
Match 44Group D (W) vs Group F (R)Aviva Stadium, Dublin


3 July 2020Match 45Match 41 (W) vs Match 42 (W)Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg
Match 46Match 39 (W) vs Match 37 (W)Allianz Arena, Munich
4 July 2020Match 47Match 40 (W) vs Match 38 (W)Olympic Stadium, Baku
Match 48Match 43 (W) vs Match 44 (W)Stadio Olimpico, Rome


7 July 2020Match 49Match 45 (W) vs Match 46 (W)Wembley Stadium, London
8 July 2020Match 50Match 48 (W) vs Match 47 (W)Wembley Stadium, London


12 July 2020Match 51Match 49 (W) vs Match 50 (W)Wembley Stadium, London

Cities to Host The UEFA Euro 2020

UEFA Euro 2020 Schedule, Fixtures, Matches & Time Table

Which cities will host the UEFA Euro Championships in 2020? UEFA Euro 2020 is scheduled to play across 12 European countries from 12 June to 12 July. Live telecast and broadcast of the 2020 European Championship can be watched on televisions and online streaming sites all over the world

London, Baku, Munich, Saint Petersburg, Rome, Amsterdam, Dublin, Bucharest, Budapest, Glasgow, Bilbao and Copenhagen are set to host 51 matches of Euro 2020

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