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Pochettino’s post-match interview oozes class

Pochettino's post-match interview oozes class

Not once did he speak about the controversial penalty or how his team spent nothing. He praised his boys and said they’d be back!

“When you live this experience you want to do it again. I hope we can do it again in the future,” Pochettino told BT Sport.

“It’s about trying, it’s about believing, it’s about building, and I hope it happens again as soon as possible.”

“Now is the time to stay calm, change the mood, for sure we are going to have time to talk,” said Pochettino.

“It is not a moment now to talk too much. You can interpret things in different ways. People want to compare me with different managers but they don’t know that we are in a different project in a different position and different place.

“In five years at Tottenham the project was so clear, our ambition was amazing, and the commitment from the players was amazing — the club played their first Champions League final.”

“It’s not about playing with Harry Kane or Lucas Moura,” Pochettino said.

“We had to make a decision and of course for me, Harry Kane after one month and a half finished the game fresh.

“He didn’t score like other players but it’s not a point to talk about too much. My decision, I promise, was about analytics and thinking with all the information. I don’t regret my decision.”

“You never believe that after one minute you’re going to be 1-0 down, a situation that not only changed our plans, it changed the dynamic (of the game),” Pochettino said.

“I’m very proud of the effort, how we fought. We played so well, we played so well in the second half. I feel so proud, there is nothing else to say.”

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