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United favourites to sign World Class forward


It now looks like Manchester United are clear favourites to sign the world-class forward.

What a twist in the tale! The Manchester City – Alexis Sanchez saga has been going around for quite some time now. The player wanted to join Pep Guardiola’s side in the summer but a deal couldn’t be reached.

Ever since the start of the winter transfer window, City have been trying to get the 29-year-old and it looked like they would get their player.

Ahead of Sunday’s Premier League clash with Liverpool at Anfield, Pep Guardiola refused to be drawn on the Sanchez saga and effectively banned his players from talking about the former Barcelona forward.

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‘They have two choices,” he said. “Follow what you say or follow me. Sometimes it’s better for my players not to answer.”

“Hopefully, I’ll convince them to follow football on the pitch. Sunday is Liverpool – I want to focus on that. Everyone knows the quality of Alexis – but it is Liverpool. ‘I’m sorry I can’t answer about Alexis and other players.’

But just then, Manchester United intervened. The Reds were willing to offer player+cash for Sanchez.

And now, Manchester City have pulled out of the race. They are not willing to spend heavily on the player who is going to be a free agent this summer.

United are willing to pay whatever it takes to land Sanchez at the Old Trafford. However, it is believed that Arsenal will only allow the player to leave if they find a suitable replacement this month.

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