Update on Arsene Wenger Arsenal future!

Arsene Wenger says an announcement on his future is likely to be made after the FA Cup final, following a meeting with club officials.

The Arsenal boss has been under more pressure than ever this season, with more and more of the club fanbase demanding that Le Professeur move on.

Whilst there are still some Gunners fans who woulkd like to see Wenger stay – the constant presence of the “Wenger Out” brigade has become somewhat of a joke among football fans.

Wenger has been pressured to reveal where his future lies by fans, but is yet to give any definitive answer regarding his future.

The Frenchman said: “I cannot tell you (about my future). The most important thing is to win on Sunday and what happens to me after can wait. I’m here to serve the club.

“I think the board meeting is after the FA Cup final. I will be there. At the moment I think we should focus on the short-term; on the last game and the cup final.

“There are lots of different aspects of a football club that have to be discussed at a board meeting and one of them will be the manager’s future, as well as the players that have to come in, the contracts and all of that. You don’t miss problems in a board meeting.”

When asked whether there will be an announcement in the weeks after that meeting, Wenger said: “Yeah, of course.”

Wenger also stated that in his mind, neither Alexis Sanchez or Mesut Ozil come across like players that want to leave the club.

“Maybe one day I might be able to speak about that, but I don’t question their determination and focus because every game they turn up with strong performances,” Wenger said.

“First of all they’re under contract and they behave like they want to be at the club, be in the champions League. They don’t behave like players who don’t want to be at the club.”





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