Villa fans attacked!

After the game between Aston Villa & Swansea some Villa fans were attacked and were left lying ‘lifeless’ on the streets. The Police received a call out to the Aston hotel which is located near Villa park. It was reported as fighting between fans shortly before the final whistle was blown. 3 men aged 17, 21 & 23 were arrested in suspicion of violent disorder. All 3 mens have been interviewed and bailed.

Not long after Villa fans showed their disgust over the attack on social media sites. One woman posted that she was disgusted at what her children had seen and that they was really upset at what they had witnessed.

The Woman Said: “To see a lifeless man on the floor being stamped on is a vision my husband and 15 year old daughter will struggle to erase from their memory.”

Aston Villa Fan Shaney Phillips said: “I’m a Villa fan and if they have done that they should be banned for life. I’m a family lady with two kids it could have been any one of us.”

Written By Billy Foster

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