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Vincent Kompany says he is connected to City for life


Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany said that he wants to play for the club for as long as possible. His current contract with City expires this season. Ever since joining City from Hamburger in 2008, Kompany has made 335 appearances for the club, scoring 19 goals. The last few seasons saw the Belgian being prone to injuries. However, he claims that he is becoming a better player.

Kompany told the club’s official website, “Aside from having had some injuries, I’m lucky to be a really good athlete naturally, so I still feel mobile, I still feel strong, I feel like I’m still improving and learning about the game. I’m enjoying the game more than I’ve ever enjoyed the game. You want to make it last as long as you can.

I’ll be connected with City for the rest of my life, as a fan, as an employee, as an ambassador. Whatever City decide or I decide, it’s not something we can undo. We’re tied to each other for life.”

The 32-year old added, “Every club you sign for they give you the same pitch, ‘we’ve got a big project, big ambitions, we want to achieve this and that, we want to kick on’. I just happen to be lucky that City was the one club that didn’t lie about it. When City came calling, I researched the club but, when I first came through the door it was weird, it was a big club but at the same time a small club.

A big club because of the history, the fanbase, the stadium, and small because of the state of the facilities where we were training, the culture a little bit towards winning, and the lack of pressure there was.

About the Manchester derby, Vincent Kompany said, “I love the derby, because of the banter and rivalry. If you live outside of Manchester you can take it out of context sometimes, where you can think it’s all hate, and I don’t think it is. From being in Manchester now for a long time, and being around the normal supporters, you feel like we both love our clubs. We are all the same. We talk the same, behave the same virtually, but some talk a little bit more nonsense than others – and usually they wear a red shirt!”

Manchester City play their next league game against Wolverhampton Wanderers on Saturday.


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