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Wait, So…Chelsea’s linked with this Arsenal star now?


The Daily Mirror and the Daily Star have been huffing glue it seems.

Well, how else do they come up with this stuff.

The two mentioned above are reporting that Chelsea are ready to sell Michy Batshuayi, there’s no evidence to back that claim up, but they are running with it anyway.

Delusional, why would Conte sell Michy Batshuayi, he’s performing well, and the Blues boss has said publicly that he’s happy with him, he’s staying.

And then they claim  that they are monitoring Alexis Sanchez’ ‘situation’.

But How?, they can only monitor as much as you and I, the club’s not going to tell them squat, never do unless a deal is done or a player is available for sale.

Hint, hint, Basically saying the Blues will replace Michy with Sanchez, not likely.

Not to mention the same writer of the original fake news article James Walters is saying Sanchez wants a move to Chelsea also mentions a move to Spain, which should we go with James?

It fake news people.

Sanchez is happy at Arsenal and a new contract is being drawn up as we speak.

But before you rush off and comment ‘Fake News’ under this article, don’t forget to explain that I’m debunking the lies, otherwise it makes it look like this article is fake news and it deters people, my aim is to help people see the truth and provide real news and call out the fake news.

Help us out, share this article on facebook, tell uninformed people, post in the comments on the fake news pages and pages that regulate fake news.

Help get the word out, you can help stop fake news by spreading real news


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