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Watford fan embarrasses himself with rant before 6-1 loss to Liverpool


Look away now Watford fans!

A Watford fan dreadfully embarrassed himself by writing a rant on the internet yesterday before his team were stuffed 6-1 at Anfield by Liverpool, and now it’s gone viral.

The fan, who is unnamed, wrote on a Watford forum ‘The Hornets Nest’, stating that he’s befuddled by the media hype currently surrounding Jurgen Klopp’s team,

The full post is below:

‘I can’t believe how much ridiculous media hype Liverpool are getting this year, even at lunch on sky sports today they had Phil Thompson spouting his 5 reasons that they will win the league, I’m sure one of which was that they had 11 players starting each game.

‘It was pretty much “1. Jurgen Klopp is the new saviour of the world. 2. We’ve got 11 players starting every game. 3. We’re the mighty Liverpool. 4. Jurgen Klopp is the new saviour of the world. (did I already say that?)”.

‘What a load of utter tripe.

‘Every day a random old Liverpool player is rolled out in front of us to tell us how fantastically amazing everything is with Liverpool and the new saviour.

‘This love in with Jurgen Klopp “ooh Jurgen we love you”, “ooh Jurgen, how amazing it was that you broke your glasses because you’re such an awesome guy that you just love your amazing team and your amazing self so much”, “ooh Jurgen what a great formation you put out”, “Ooh Jurgen what was the secret behind your amazing transformation of the greatest football team in the world”, “Ooh Jurgen when you win the league with your amazing team, what’s the first thing your amazing self will amazingly be doing to celebrate how absolutely fantastic you and you team are”. “Ooh Jurgen what colour are your underpants this evening”.

It’s like utterly ridiculous. Bonkers. Why is everyone in the media so desperate for Liverpool to do so well that they orgasm every time they get to spout out some other c**p about what a great and fantastic team Jurgen Klopp is creating and how wonderful it is that he has graced the humble premier league with his almighty presence.

‘Why are they all so desperate for this second rate team to get back to the heights of success they really had so, so, so long ago now. I mean, they last won the league 26 years ago. TWENTY SIX YEARS AGO. It’s not like they’ve fallen recently. They’ve not been champions for 26 years. Get over it media. Get goddamn over it.

‘Now I have absolutely nothing personal against Liverpool, Heck it would be good for a second team of minnows in a row to topple the other giants of English football. But this media love in is just sickening.

‘We need to stuff them… Heck, even if we stuffed them 5-0 the media would massage Jurgen’s ego telling him how it’s the awful ugly side of English football that some little brats like Watford can come along and have the audacity of winning at the famous Liverpool in front of the awesome and most amazing fans in the world on the Kop, and ruining his perfectly good day.

‘The papers the next day would be full of how amazing Jurgen is that he showed such god-like composure after the defeat and how he’s so amazing that he will turn it around and “oh when he almost lost his glasses again, whadda super guy”.

‘The Telegraph would have a field day about how we had 11 men on the pitch, that one of our players got on the bus without a ticket so should be investigated, or that Capoue’s socks were 2mm higher that the premier league regulation 32 mm below the knee so the game should be forfeit and awarded to the glorious and obviously cheated Liverpool.

‘1-3 Watford.’


I bet he didn’t have a great day at work today…


By Ben Kelly – @benkelly_10


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