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“We can’t get any lower!” – Klopp


Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool can’t get any lower after third straight loss.

The Liverpool manager feels that there is no way his side can feel any lower after a third straight loss – being eliminated from the FA Cup after a 2-1 loss to Wolves, who are currently sat in 18th in the Championship.

Klopp claimed that he was “100%” responsible for the disastrous result, but feels things cannot get any worse, despite the fact that the last time Liverpool lost 4 successive home games was in 1923.

“If someone asks if this is the lowest point of my Liverpool time until now, I don’t know,” he said. “But if it is it is a perfect moment to turn because it is not possible to go lower.

“I don’t think it is the right time to talk about being positive or optimistic. In this moment we feel really bad. It is absolutely right that it feels bad and we have to use it in this moment.”

“I am responsible and I feel really responsible for this performance, because I thought we could do better, obviously.

“We have to think about this. Not too long, but we have to think about this. You learn, always, about situations and players and all that stuff in all games.

It was an important game for us today and obviously we couldn’t deliver. I am responsible for the line-up; I saw them training and I thought ‘That’s the line-up’.”

Despite the three straight defeats, Klopp believes there are small glimpses of confidence from his side.

“We spoke about confidence a few months ago and I said it’s a little flower. If something bounces on it, then it’s away.

“Obviously, that happened kind of, but it’s not that we play without confidence. I can see a lot of moments when we really still believe in our skills.”

With the next game for Klopp’s Redmen being a crunch-clash with league leaders Chelsea, Liverpool fans will certainly hope the erratic German has a trick or two up his sleeve.


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