We’re victimised

Tony Pulis has held talks with referee chief Mike Riley after feeling his players have been victimised.

Tony Pulis believes that because of his teams style of play they are being victimised by referees and being punished for challenges that he thinks are fair. On Saturday when his side came away with a 0-0 draw away at Aston Villa, he felt disappointed again as he saw a challenge from Villas Ciaran Clark which he thought was a clear red card and feels that had that been one of his players there would have been no doubt in the referees mind that it was a sending off.

However Pulis believes that there is a few managers who can change all this and one of them is Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger who is one of the latest manages to come under scrutiny because of Santi Cazorla’s dive against West Brom on Saturday.

“It won’t come from Tony Pulis or Steve Clarke” Pulis also added “It will be interesting to see what Arsene Wenger and others will make of it because they are the ones who have power in football”

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