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West Ham warned off a move for Yaya Toure and Jack Wilshere


The English side are looking to bolster their squad this summer

West Ham United finished 13th in the Premier League last season and are looking to bolster their squad this summer for the upcoming season. They have linked with a move for former Manchester City player Yaya Toure and Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere.

Toure is a free agent this summer after his contract expired with Pep Guardiola’s side at the end of the season. He is considered one of the best players to ever play in the Premier League but he is 35 years old now and way past his prime.

Wilshere has yet to reach an agreement over a new contract with the Gunners and is expected to leave the club on a free transfer at the end of this month.

Former Hammers legend  Geoff Hurst has warned the club not to make a move for the 2 midfielders and believes it will be a very poor decision.

He told the Daily Star: “When I see them linked with Toure I just think that’s completely and utterly off the wall.

“I absolutely cannot believe as a club we’re looking at him.

“We bought the full-back – Ryan Fredericks – from Fulham which was terrific.

“But looking at Toure – with his comments about Pep Guardiola and the business with his birthday cake a few years ago – for West Ham to even think about talking to him is a very, very poor decision.

“There comes a time when a player is past his best and we shouldn’t be buying cast-offs from other teams.”

Hurst added: “Wilshere is injury prone and you don’t want to sign players like that. We’ve already got Andy Carroll.

“Wilshere again for me is a complete no. There’s enough players in the world. West Ham don’t need to sign cast-offs, injured players and players that are too old.

“For God’s sake surely we have enough money to buy a bit of quality.”

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