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Why the Mainstream Media is using Mesut Ozil to upset Arsenal Fans!



Listen up folks!

Look, in the Mainstream Media over at the Daily Star they are running with the headline ‘Mesut Ozil drops transfer bombshell: Arsenal fans will be stunned’

I’m not going to link it purely because I won’t give those clowns that pleasure, but you can Google that title and find it.

Now the narrative of this story is Mesut Ozil would like to play under Zinedine Zidane, and in the future he may make a move to play under him.

This is not the issue, the issue is the baiting to get you to read this garbage

Meanwhile their source is a French magazine…

Now, do you truly think that he was sitting there in an interview and all of a sudden he pops up saying ‘oh by the way, even though I’m under contract and have goals set with Arsenal blah blah blah’


Look, I’m a Journalist, I know how these failing reporters work, they were looking for a story to bait Arsenal fans and get clicks.

Mesut Özil was questioned specifically on this because they wanted a story for their failing corrupt organisation.

Heres what Ozil said:

“I get along very well with him, both as an individual and as a manager,” he told French magazine Surface.

“But in football you do not know what tomorrow will bring, everything is possible. You never know what will happen.”

“I am under contract with Arsenal and I am very happy to be here now.

“I do not think about the future, I just think my current situation. I have goals for Arsenal. In the future you can never know in football.”

Now the worst thing is seeing sheep organisations like 90min.com who follow ANYTHING the mainstream media do, report this as well just like the Daily Star (aka the Daily Exaggeration)

Look at this guy, this is what I think every-time I see an alternative media outlet copying the mainstreams narrative:

Hey Jerry, don’t you dare write this story in another tone Jerry, the mainstream media is right Jerry, do want to keep your career Jerry, good boy, write that up, get them mad Jerry and you won’t be suicided, no thinking for yourself or writing freely Jerry, the truth isn’t welcome here.

This story is out to piss you off, plain and simple, they didn’t take a positive narrative with this story, even if they claim it was positive, they are lying, call out all the lies folks.

They wanted you to bite, pathetic, Do yourself a favour and boycott these clowns.

Are you really Stunned at Ozil’s statement? of course not, no one on Planet Earth is surprised that Ozil, in the future could, make a move to Real Madrid, anyone actually surprised?

Don’t be fooled people…It’s…all…fake, the Mainstream Media is all fake.

Share this article, get this message out, Follow Steve Milne on Twitter right now @SteveMilneNews, Boycott these clown journalists that only want to get a rise out of you and lie over telling…you…the…truth!

This is why you won’t see any mainstream media hire someone like me people, because I don’t take the p*** out of you, and believe in the truth.

You deserve better folks…way better!

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  1. A very good site, if you could loose 3/4 of the idiot ads. And if you dropped all the nonsens about “mainstream media” you would look less like a conspiracy nut, and more like a professional.


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