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World Cup stadium tragedy.


A stadium in Sao Paulo, which is being prepared for the World Cup Final’s in June has collapsed, tragically killing two workers, as doubts into Brazil’s general preperations for next summers showpiece are once again questioned.

FIFA have already stated their concern about the tournemant build up, from stadium failures, to general supporter safety in crime ridden Brazil.

The £300million arena, set to host the opening game of the tournament on June 12, had been close to completion but considerable damage has been caused to the structure.

Brazilian giants FC Corinthians were suppost to move into the brand new state of the art arena just after the new year as FIFA set a usual deadline of December 31st for all of the Stadiums to be completed by.

But Brazil as a hosting nation has had recent  bad publicity over the past few months and questions are being asked on how the counry can actually cope after this awful disaster.

A spokesman for FIFA Stated in an interview.

The World Cup organising committee must find out how long it will take to complete the building work and make the necessary safety checks before declaring it fit for the World Cup.

Corinthians Arena as we are still awaiting the technical report to be able to evaluate the scale of the damage. We will be able to provide an update earliest next week following the FIFA Organising Committee of the FIFA World Cup.’

Blatter and co will start to arrive in the South American country in a few days for the World Cup draw on the 6th December, as FIFA delegates await the group stage for the fesitival of football next summer, with England manager Roy Hodgson waiting to find out the teams England may have to get past.

The stadium is expected to seat nearly 50,000 people. However, 20,000 temporary seats are to be added for the World Cup opening match due to a Fifa request.

This is the third fatal accident in World Cup stadiums in Brazil, with two other construction workers killed over the past two years.

Six of Brazil’s stadiums – including Itaquerao – are not yet ready for the World Cup next summer.

All of us at sillyseason wish to send our heartfelt condolances to the families affected.

By Ben Reardon



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