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Zaha wants to use VAR to show he’s not cheating

Zaha wants to use VAR to show he's not cheating

Wilfried Zaha is one man who is happy with VAR. He believes it will help him prove he is not a cheat.

He told The Times: “VAR has helped a bit. For example, against Arsenal [in October], I got booked instantly. It got rescinded.

“Maybe it might be reputation. It’s like, ‘Wilf’s a diver.’ I’m glad VAR can see those things.

“If I’m sprinting at you, and your tiniest touch trips me over, I’m going to go flying. To people, everything just seems soft.

“Now there is VAR, that will just prove that I’m not a cheat.”

“I’ll always love Crystal Palace but I am ambitious,” he said. “I feel with the talent God’s given me, I can push on and if I have the opportunity then I’d like to.

“I can’t say no to it. Champions League? Yes. You’ve got to take that leap of faith, especially if you believe in yourself.”

Zaha is one of the most fouled players in the Premier League. He has also earned the label of a cheat and a diver as he is accused of diving too early when taken by fouls. However. the VAR has now come and let us see if it proves Zaha as innocent or not.

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