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Zlatan to meet Haris Mijajlovic


It’s impossible to miss it. It is all over social media. Newspapers, Facebook, Twitter yes everyone are talking about it. It’s the touching story of an eight year old kid from Bosnia, named Haris Mijajlovic who is sick with leukemia and only has one month left to live. He has one last wish before he passes away, and that is to meet his big idol Zlatan Ibrahimovic. 

“I understand that the chance is very small, but if Zlatan could only come to the airport in Sarajevo and meet my son, just for a moment, so that the boy sees that he really exists, his mother Amela Kamenja told Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet earlier today.

According to Bosnian site klix.ba Zlatan has decided to meet the boy after tonights Champions League game against Benfica. Amela’s sister Maryam tells the site that the family either travel to Paris or Zlatan comes to Zarajevo to make the boy’s wish come true. 


Written by Eric Cagenius


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