F1 Results Today: Qualifying, Standings, Practice & Live Formula 1 Race Results

F1 Results Today Qualifying, Standings, Practice & Live Formula 1 Race Results

Formula 1 Results Today: Live Results Qualifying, Standings, Practice and F1 2020 Race

F1 results today? Formula 1 results in 2020? Formula 1 qualifying results? F1 70th Anniversary GP results today? Latest F1 results Hungarian GP Formula 1 race? Are you looking for the latest Formula 1 Grand Prix news results? Charge your engines motorsport fans because Formula 1 races is back on the calendar and we will present all F1 results today. See all F1 live odds here =>

The most coveted racing competition in the world is held in purpose-built circuits and in a few cases, on closed city streets like Monaco. The Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo is something to look out for every year. However, now we focus on the 70th Anniversary GP. Before that let us check out the Formula 1 results from the British GP –

144Lewis HamiltonMERCEDES5228:01.325
233Max VerstappenRED BULL RACING HONDA52+5.856s19
316Charles LeclercFERRARI52+18.474s15
43Daniel RicciardoRENAULT52+19.650s12
54Lando NorrisMCLAREN RENAULT52+22.277s10
631Esteban OconRENAULT52+26.937s8
710Pierre GaslyALPHATAURI HONDA52+31.188s6
823Alexander AlbonRED BULL RACING HONDA52+32.670s4
918Lance StrollRACING POINT BWT MERCEDES52+37.311s2
105Sebastian VettelFERRARI52+41.857s1
1177Valtteri BottasMERCEDES52+42.167s0
1263George RussellWILLIAMS MERCEDES52+52.004s0
1355Carlos SainzMCLAREN RENAULT52+53.370s0
1499Antonio GiovinazziALFA ROMEO RACING FERRARI52+54.205s0
156Nicholas LatifiWILLIAMS MERCEDES52+54.549s0
168Romain GrosjeanHAAS FERRARI52+55.050s0
177Kimi RäikkönenALFA ROMEO RACING FERRARI51+1 lap0
NC20Kevin MagnussenHAAS FERRARI1DNF0

Typically, all races are combined to determine who the winner of the competition is after the season end. Lewis Hamilton is the reigning champion with 6 titles to his name. No doubt, he will be looking to equal Michael Schumacher’s record of getting the 7th one this year.

Formula 1 Results Today: Qualifying, Practice & Live F1 Race Results

Formula 1 Results – Drivers Standings 2020

1Lewis HamiltonGBRMERCEDES88
2Valtteri BottasFINMERCEDES58
5Charles LeclercMONFERRARI33
9Daniel RicciardoAUSRENAULT20
11Esteban OconFRARENAULT12
13Sebastian VettelGERFERRARI10
16Kevin MagnussenDENHAAS FERRARI1
20Romain GrosjeanFRAHAAS FERRARI0

Formula 1 2020 winner odds

Which driver/constructor will win Formula 1 2020? Here you have all Formula 1 winner odds regarding which driver/constructor wins Formula 1 2020.

Formula 1 2020 winner – DriverOdds
Lewis Hamilton1.083
Valtteri Bottas7.00
Max Verstappen26.00
Charles Leclerc251.00
Carlos Sainz1001.00
Formula 1 2020 winner – CarOdds
Red Bull Racing

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2020 Formula 1 Confirmed Races and Results

The 2020 Formula 1 season was originally set to fit 22 races across the globe. But now, we have only 8 races confirmed so far, starting off with the doubleheader in Austria.

Latest 2020 British GP F1 Results Live From Qualifying, Practice and 2020 Formula 1 Race

Because of various race delays and scratch-offs, F1 managers have been compelled to stir up the 2020 schedule without any fans in the initial eight rounds. As a major aspect of the answer for mass out F1’s shortened battle, the Red Bull Ring and the Silverstone Circuit will/have two hosted races.

With the customary Austrian GP going about as the 2020 opener, a second race at the Red Bull Ring was organized called the Styrian Grand Prix. Similarly, we will see the traditional British Grand Prix on 2ng August followed up by the 70th Aniversary GP in the same circuit in England. The last race was the one in the Silverstone.

#DateF1 Qualifying RaceLivebettingTV ChannelStart time
12020-07-05Austrian Grand Prixbet365Sky Sports F118:30 – 19:30
22020-07-12Styrian Grand Prixbet365Sky Sports F118:30 – 19:30
32020-07-18Hungarian Grand Prixbet365Sky Sports F118:30 – 19:30
42020-08-02British Grand Prixbet365Sky Sports F118:30 – 19:30
52020-08-0970th anniversary Grand Prixbet365Sky Sports F118:30 – 19:30
62020-08-16Spanish Grand Prixbet365Sky Sports F118:30 – 19:30
72020-08-30Belgian Grand Prixbet365Sky Sports F118:30 – 19:30
82020-09-06Italian Grand Prixbet365Sky Sports F118:30 – 19:30
92020-09-13Tuscan Grand Prixbet365Sky Sports F118:30 – 19:30
102020-09-27Russian Grand Prixbet365Sky Sports F118:30 – 19:30
   Cancelled or Pending Racecs   
#2020-03-15Australian Grand Prix bet365 Sky Sports F1 
# 2020-03-22Bahrain Grand Prix bet365 Sky Sports F1 
# 2020-04-05Vietnamese Grand Prix bet365Sky Sports F1  
# 2020-04-19Chinese Grand Prix bet365Sky Sports F1  
# 2020-05-03Dutch Grand Prix bet365Sky Sports F1 
# 2020-05-24Monaco Grand Prix bet365Sky Sports F1  
# 2020-06-07Azerbaijan Grand Prix bet365Sky Sports F1 
# 2020-06-14Canadian Grand Prix bet365Sky Sports F1 
# 2020-06-28French Grand Prix bet365Sky Sports F1 
# 2020-09-20Singapore Grand Prix bet365Sky Sports F1 
#  2020-10-11Japanese Grand Prix bet365Sky Sports F1  
# 2020-10-25United States Grand Prix bet365Sky Sports F1  
# 2020-11-01Mexico City Grand Prix bet365Sky Sports F1  
# 2020-11-15Brazilian Grand Prix bet365Sky Sports F1  
# 2020-11-29Abu Dhabi Grand Prix bet365Sky Sports F1  

Here are all detailed Forumula 1 2020 live results from the F1 70th Anniversary GP practice and qualifying races and the 2020 Formula 1 70th Anniversary GP race results. You can also find the lastest F1 results from the previous F1 2020 races.

70th Anniversary F1 Results 2020: lastest 70th Anniversary Forumula 1 2020 results live from qualifying, practice and 2020 Formula 1 Race

70th Anniversary F1 Results Today

The latest 70th Anniversary F1 results will be posted right after the race on 9th August 2020. For now, let us take at the season so far. Valtteri Bottas asserted triumph in the Austrian Grand Prix in a feverish race which saw Lewis Hamilton downgraded from second to fourth place because of a five-second time punishment for conflicting with Red Bull’s Alexander Albon.

But the reigning champion drove brilliantly in the next three races to claim first place in all three and move clear at the top of the driver’s standings. Charles LeClerc managed another inspiring podium finish, dragging a very unreliable Ferrari to the finish line. Valtteri Bottas unfortunately, did not have luck by his side as a tyre puncture towards the end cost him a podium and dropped him all the way down to eleventh.

Max Verstappen had a chance to catch up to Hamilton due to the Mercedes car’s tyre puncture, similar to Bottas’ but could not. The Red Bull team still did well to see Verstappen collect 18 points while Lando Norris collected another neat fifth-place finish. The upcoming 70th Anniversary GP will be the fifth race of the season to be held from August 7th to August 9th in the Silverstone Circuit. The F1 70th Anniversary GP live results will be posted right here, after the race on Sunday.

F1 British GP Highlights

Here are some of the best moments from the recently concluded race:

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70th Anniversary F1 Results 2020: lastest 70th Anniversary Forumula 1 2020 results live from qualifying, practice and 2020 Formula 1 Race

Latest F1 Results Today!

With each F1 grand prix requiring various names over a season, the arrangement knows about utilizing surprising race titles throughout the years. From Imola facilitating the San Marino Grand Prix regardless of not being situated in the microstate, to the imaginatively named Caesars Palace Grand Prix in Las Vegas, F1 has frequently embraced diverse race names when nations have facilitated more than one grand prix in a season.

Having quite recently facilitated the 2020 Austrian GP for two races (the Red Bull Ring’s subsequent race which is known as the Styrian Grand Prix, named after the location the circuit is situated in), it is now time for the 70th Anniversary GP.

Formula 1 results? F1 results 2020? The Stryian Grand Prix took place on 10th-12th July 2020 and was the second race in the Formula 1 2020 season. Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes was the winner in Styrian GP.

Latest British F1 Live Results Today

Here is the first F1 British GP qualifying results from the 2020 Formula 1 race –

144Lewis HamiltonMERCEDES01:25.901:25.301:24.322
277Valtteri BottasMERCEDES01:25.801:25.001:24.617
333Max VerstappenRED BULL RACING HONDA01:26.101:26.101:25.315
416Charles LeclercFERRARI01:26.601:26.201:25.416
54Lando NorrisMCLAREN RENAULT01:26.901:26.401:25.820
618Lance StrollRACING POINT BWT MERCEDES01:26.201:26.501:25.820
755Carlos SainzMCLAREN RENAULT01:26.701:26.101:26.020
83Daniel RicciardoRENAULT01:26.701:26.301:26.019
931Esteban OconRENAULT01:26.401:26.301:26.220
105Sebastian VettelFERRARI01:26.501:26.501:26.320
1110Pierre GaslyALPHATAURI HONDA01:26.301:26.512
1223Alexander AlbonRED BULL RACING HONDA01:26.601:26.511
1327Nico HulkenbergRACING POINT BWT MERCEDES01:26.301:26.614
1426Daniil KvyatALPHATAURI HONDA01:26.801:26.712
1563George RussellWILLIAMS MERCEDES01:26.701:27.114
1620Kevin MagnussenHAAS FERRARI01:27.29
1799Antonio GiovinazziALFA ROMEO RACING FERRARI01:27.29
187Kimi RäikkönenALFA ROMEO RACING FERRARI01:27.49
198Romain GrosjeanHAAS FERRARI01:27.69
206Nicholas LatifiWILLIAMS MERCEDES01:27.77

F1 Race Results 2019

Mercedes clearly were the most dominant force as they took home 15 wins across the 21 races last year. Lewis Hamilton and Valteri Bottas were turning on the rivalry early on but it ended very quickly towards the season end. Ferarri were thought to be real challengers but they disappointed with driver mismanagement. Red Bull were a mess in terms of driver selection right after Daniel Ricciardo bid them farewell after the 2018 season.

Formula 1 Grand Prix resultsFormula 1 latest results? The Formula 1 practice results? Here are all the winners from the 2019 F1 season –

Australia17-Mar-19Valtteri BottasMercedes5825:27.3
Bahrain31-Mar-19Lewis HamiltonMercedes5734:21.3
China14-Apr-19Lewis HamiltonMercedes5632:06.4
Azerbaijan28-Apr-19Valtteri BottasMercedes5131:52.9
Spain12-May-19Lewis HamiltonMercedes6635:50.4
Monaco26-May-19Lewis HamiltonMercedes7843:28.4
Canada09-Jun-19Lewis HamiltonMercedes7029:07.1
France23-Jun-19Lewis HamiltonMercedes5324:31.2
Austria30-Jun-19Max VerstappenRed Bull Racing Honda7122:01.8
Great Britain14-Jul-19Lewis HamiltonMercedes5221:08.5
Germany28-Jul-19Max VerstappenRed Bull Racing Honda6444:31.3
Hungary04-Aug-19Lewis HamiltonMercedes7035:03.8
Belgium01-Sep-19Charles LeclercFerrari4423:45.7
Italy08-Sep-19Charles LeclercFerrari5315:26.7
Singapore22-Sep-19Sebastian VettelFerrari6158:33.7
Russia29-Sep-19Lewis HamiltonMercedes5333:39.0
Japan13-Oct-19Valtteri BottasMercedes5221:46.8
Mexico27-Oct-19Lewis HamiltonMercedes7136:48.9
United States03-Nov-19Valtteri BottasMercedes5633:55.7
Brazil17-Nov-19Max VerstappenRed Bull Racing Honda7133:14.7
Abu Dhabi01-Dec-19Lewis HamiltonMercedes5534:05.7

F1 today results: Qualifying, Practice & Forumla 1 results live today

F1 results standings 2019

The Formula 1 2019 season was an exciting one as much went down during the winter after. Plenty of drivers have switched seats now and you won’t be able to tell who raced for who exactly last year. Hamilton’s crown was less of a surprise to most fans but the fight for middle ground turned out to be an exciting one.

Here are the driver standings from the 2019 season –

1Lewis HamiltonGBRMercedes413
2Valtteri BottasFINMercedes326
3Max VerstappenNEDRed Bull Racing Honda278
4Charles LeclercMONFerrari264
5Sebastian VettelGERFerrari240
6Carlos SainzESPMcLaren Renault96
7Pierre GaslyFRAScuderia Toro Rosso Honda95
8Alexander AlbonTHARed Bull Racing Honda92
9Daniel RicciardoAUSRenault54
10Sergio PerezMEXRacing Point BWT Mercedes52
11Lando NorrisGBRMcLaren Renault49
12Kimi RäikkönenFINAlfa Romeo Racing Ferrari43
13Daniil KvyatRUSScuderia Toro Rosso Honda37
14Nico HulkenbergGERRenault37
15Lance StrollCANRacing Point BWT Mercedes21
16Kevin MagnussenDENHAAS Ferrari20
17Antonio GiovinazziITAAlfa Romeo Racing Ferrari14
18Romain GrosjeanFRAHAAS Ferrari8
19Robert KubicaPOLWilliams Mercedes1
20George RussellGBRWilliams Mercedes0

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Who won F1 today?

The last F1 race was held on 19th July in Hungary’s Hungarioring as the Hungarian GP and it was won by Lewis Hamilton of team Mercedes!

Who won F1 2019?

Lewis Hamilton won a record 6th F1 series in 2019 and is now only 1 behind matching Michael Schumacher for 7!

Who got the fastest lap in F1 today?

It was Lewis Hamilton again who recorded a lap time of 1:16.627 in the Hungarian GP.

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