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Denmark vs Finland Head To Head Results & Records (H2H)

Denmark vs Finland Head To Head

Denmark vs Finland Head To Head Record & Results Euro 2020

Denmark vs Finland Head To Head record and results? The 2020 European Championships are among us and we are set for an exciting start. Denmark are taking on Finland in their first Group B Euro 2020 tie at Parken Stadium.

Who do you think will come out the winner? Watch & Bet Here =>

Denmark vs Finland Head To Head Record & Results

Denmark vs Finland Euro 2020 Prediction And Odds

So, who will get the advantage in this Denmark vs Finland head-to-head fixture?

We now look at Denmark vs Finland H2H stats and results between Denmark and Finland. Will this year’s fixture produce a winner? Well, we will soon find out when the teams face off. Watch & Bet Here =>

Odds Denmark Finland 1X2:1.444.009.00
Odds Wales Switzerland 1X, 12 & X21.0712.621.22
Odds Both Teams to Score (BTTS):2.371.57
O 2,5U 2,5
Odds Over/Under 2.5 goals:2.621.44

Denmark is expected to win this fixture against Finland according to the Euro 2020 Odds.

This also something that Denmark vs Finland Head To Head Record and Results indicates below. Take a look at our Denmark vs Finland Euro 2020 prediction.

Denmark vs Finland Head To Head Euro 2021: Previous Record And Results

Ahead of Saturday’s clash between Denmark and Finland, we look at Denmark vs Finland previous games record. Watch & Bet Here =>

Denmark vs Finland H2H Past Results

Games won by Denmark:38
Games drawn:10
Games won by Finland:11

The Denmark Euro 2020 Squad holds the bragging rights in this contest with 38 wins to their name in the past. The Finland Euro 2020 Squad are behind with 11 wins out of 59 games between both the international sides.

Denmark vs Finland Head to Head: All Previous Games Results And Score

Here is a list of games Denmark played against Finland with all the results and score records. Watch & Bet Here =>

27 Sep 1925Denmark v FinlandD3-3International Friendly
20 Jun 1926Finland v DenmarkL3-2International Friendly
13 Oct 1929Denmark v FinlandW8-0Nordic Championships
16 Jun 1930Finland v DenmarkW1-6Nordic Championships
11 Oct 1931Denmark v FinlandL2-3International Friendly
30 Aug 1932Finland v DenmarkL4-2Nordic Championships
08 Oct 1933Denmark v FinlandW2-0Nordic Championships
03 Jul 1934Finland v DenmarkL2-1Nordic Championships
06 Oct 1935Denmark v FinlandW5-1Nordic Championships
30 Jun 1936Finland v DenmarkW1-4Nordic Championships
17 Oct 1937Denmark v FinlandW2-1Nordic Championships
31 Aug 1938Finland v DenmarkL2-1Nordic Championships
15 Jun 1939Denmark v FinlandW5-0International Friendly
17 Sep 1939Denmark v FinlandW8-1Nordic Championships
01 Sep 1946Finland v DenmarkW2-5International Friendly
05 Oct 1947Denmark v FinlandW4-1International Friendly
15 Jun 1948Finland v DenmarkW0-3International Friendly
11 Sep 1949Denmark v FinlandL0-2International Friendly
27 Aug 1950Finland v DenmarkW1-2International Friendly
30 Sep 1951Denmark v FinlandW1-0International Friendly
05 Oct 1952Finland v DenmarkL2-1International Friendly
04 Oct 1953Denmark v FinlandW6-1International Friendly
13 Jun 1954Finland v DenmarkD2-2International Friendly
19 Jun 1955Denmark v FinlandW2-1International Friendly
16 Sep 1956Finland v DenmarkW0-4International Friendly
18 Jun 1957Finland v DenmarkL2-0Finns Jubilee
13 Oct 1957Denmark v FinlandW3-0International Friendly
14 Sep 1958Finland v DenmarkW1-4International Friendly
04 Oct 1959Denmark v FinlandW4-0International Friendly
10 Aug 1960Denmark v FinlandW2-1International Friendly
15 Oct 1961Denmark v FinlandW9-1International Friendly
16 Sep 1962Finland v DenmarkW1-6International Friendly
03 Jun 1963Denmark v FinlandD1-1International Friendly
06 Sep 1964Finland v DenmarkL2-1International Friendly
09 Jun 1965Denmark v FinlandW3-1International Friendly
18 Sep 1966Finland v DenmarkL2-1International Friendly
22 Oct 1967Denmark v FinlandW3-0International Friendly
04 Jun 1968Finland v DenmarkW1-3International Friendly
10 Sep 1969Denmark v FinlandW5-2International Friendly
03 Jun 1970Finland v DenmarkD1-1International Friendly
08 Sep 1971Denmark v FinlandD0-0International Friendly
07 Jun 1972Denmark v FinlandW3-0International Friendly
06 Jun 1974Finland v DenmarkD1-1International Friendly
25 Jun 1975Denmark v FinlandW2-0International Friendly
22 Jun 1977Finland v DenmarkW1-2International Friendly
29 Aug 1979Finland v DenmarkD0-0International Friendly
26 Sep 1979Denmark v FinlandW1-0International Friendly
12 Aug 1981Finland v DenmarkW1-2Nordic Championships
11 Aug 1982Denmark v FinlandW3-2Nordic Championships
29 Oct 1986Denmark v FinlandW1-0UEFA European Championship
29 Apr 1987Finland v DenmarkW0-1UEFA European Championship
10 Feb 1989Finland v DenmarkD0-0Rothmans Tournament
17 Aug 1994Denmark v FinlandW2-1International Friendly
31 May 1995Finland v DenmarkW0-1International Friendly
11 Feb 1996Denmark v FinlandD0-0Kings Cup
04 Feb 2000Finland v DenmarkL2-1Nordic Championships
20 Aug 2003Denmark v FinlandD1-1International Friendly
02 Jun 2005Finland v DenmarkW0-1International Friendly
15 Nov 2011Denmark v FinlandW2-1International Friendly

Denmark vs Finland Last Match

This will be the first Euro 2020 Group B game for both Euro teams and it will be held at Parken Stadium, one of the twelve Euro 2020 stadiums.

How did Denmark vs Finland the last match ended? The last Denmark vs Finland match ended 2-1 in November 2011.

Denmark vs Finland Head To Head Results

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