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10 African-origin players who represent European countries


3. N’Golo Kante

© Bildbyrån
  • Snubbed: Mali
  • Represents: France

African-born players and players with African origins often choose to represent any African national team due to the stiff competition for their role. But, not N’Golo Kante. He decided to try to fight for his place in the France national team, and not only was it a success, but thanks to that decision, Kante is now a 2018 World Champion.

4. Luis Nani

© Bildbyrån
  • Snubbed: Cape Verde
  • Represents: Portugal

Luís Nani came to Manchester United with a slick haircut, flashy boots and even flashier tricks, hoping to be the long-term replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo. He showed some moments of incredible play and won a number of trophies before moving to lower tiers. He has amassed almost 100 caps for his national team and when he scores, you know he is going to celebrate like he did it for the first time.


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