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Bundesliga Past Golden Boot Winners – All Time

Bundesliga Past Golden Boot Winners

Bundesliga Past Golden Boot Winners – All Time

Golden Boot Winners – All Time? Bundesliga Past Golden Boot Winners – All Time? Who are the Bundesliga Past Golden Boot Winners of All Times? Have you ever wanted to find out which players in the Bundesliga have won the German Bundesliga Golden Boot before? Well, if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the Bundesliga Past Golden Boot Winners – All Time.

Bundesliga Golden Boot (Shoe) History

Bundesliga Past Golden Boot Winners - All Time

What is the Bundesliga Golden Boot award? Or as they call it “Kicker top scorer cannon”, it is the award given by the Kicker magazine to the best scoring player of the season in the Bundesliga.

Since 1966 a miniature artillery sponsored by the German football magazine kicker is awarded to the top scorer at the end of the season. It is formally named “Kicker Torjägerkanone” (Kicker top scorer cannon). The latest player to win the award is Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandoski during the 2020-21 season with 41 goals to his name as he also guided Bayern Munich to the league title for the 9th successive season.
Bundesliga Past Golden Boot Winners - All Time

Bundesliga Player With Most Golden Boots

Which player has won more Bundesliga Golden Boots in history? German legend Gerd Muller is the player to have won the most Golden Boots in the history of the German Bundesliga with seven Golden Boots to his name, he also holds the record of most goals scored in a single Bundesliga season with 40 goals.

Past Bundesliga Golden Boot Winners

We took the time to look at all the past winners of the Bundesliga Golden Boot since it’s inception in 1964. Here is the list of the past winners of the Bundesliga Golden Boot.

Bundesliga Golden Boot (1990-2021)

Bundesliga Past Golden Boot Winners - All Time

Bundesliga Golden Boot winners? Here are all Bundesliga Golden Boot winners since 1990-2021:

German Bundesliga Past Golden Boot Winners – All Time

SeasonTop scorerTeamGoals
2020/2021PolandRobert LewandowskiBayern MünchenBayern München41
2019/2020PolandRobert LewandowskiBayern MünchenBayern München34
2018/2019PolandRobert LewandowskiBayern MünchenBayern München22
2017/2018PolandRobert LewandowskiBayern MünchenBayern München29
2016/2017GabonPierre-Emerick AubameyangBorussia DortmundBorussia Dortmund31
2015/2016PolandRobert LewandowskiBayern MünchenBayern München30
2014/2015GermanyAlexander MeierEintracht FrankfurtEintracht Frankfurt19
2013/2014PolandRobert LewandowskiBorussia DortmundBorussia Dortmund20
2012/2013GermanyStefan KießlingBayer LeverkusenBayer Leverkusen25
2011/2012NetherlandsKlaas-Jan HuntelaarFC Schalke 04FC Schalke 0429
2010/2011GermanyMario GomezBayern MünchenBayern München28
2009/2010Bosnia-HerzegovinaEdin DžekoVfL WolfsburgVfL Wolfsburg22
2008/2009BrazilGrafiteVfL WolfsburgVfL Wolfsburg28
2007/2008ItalyLuca ToniBayern MünchenBayern München24
2006/2007GreeceFanis GekasVfL BochumVfL Bochum20
2005/2006GermanyMiroslav KloseWerder BremenWerder Bremen25
2004/2005SlovakiaMarek Mintal1. FC Nürnberg1. FC Nürnberg24
2003/2004BrazilAiltonWerder BremenWerder Bremen28
2002/2003SpainThomas ChristiansenVfL BochumVfL Bochum21
 BrazilÉlberBayern MünchenBayern München21
2001/2002GermanyMartin MaxTSV 1860 MünchenTSV 1860 München18
 BrazilAmorosoBorussia DortmundBorussia Dortmund18
2000/2001Bosnia-HerzegovinaSergej BarbarezHamburger SVHamburger SV22
 DenmarkEbbe SandFC Schalke 04FC Schalke 0422
1999/2000GermanyMartin MaxTSV 1860 MünchenTSV 1860 München19
1998/1999GermanyMichael PreetzHertha BSCHertha BSC23
1997/1998GermanyUlf KirstenBayer LeverkusenBayer Leverkusen22
1996/1997GermanyUlf KirstenBayer LeverkusenBayer Leverkusen22
1995/1996GermanyFredi BobicVfB StuttgartVfB Stuttgart17
1994/1995GermanyMario BaslerWerder BremenWerder Bremen20
 GermanyHeiko HerrlichBor. MönchengladbachBor. Mönchengladbach20
1993/1994GermanyStefan Kuntz1. FC Kaiserslautern1. FC Kaiserslautern18
 GhanaAnthony YeboahEintracht FrankfurtEintracht Frankfurt18
1992/1993GermanyUlf KirstenBayer LeverkusenBayer Leverkusen20
 GhanaAnthony YeboahEintracht FrankfurtEintracht Frankfurt20
1991/1992GermanyFritz WalterVfB StuttgartVfB Stuttgart22
1990/1991GermanyRoland WohlfahrtBayern MünchenBayern München21
1989/1990NorwayJörn AndersenEintracht FrankfurtEintracht Frankfurt18

Bundesliga Golden Boot since 1964-1989

Here are all Bundesliga Golden Boot winners from 1964-1989. Enjoy!

1988/1989GermanyThomas Allofs1. FC Köln1. FC Köln17
 GermanyRoland WohlfahrtBayern MünchenBayern München17
1987/1988GermanyJürgen KlinsmannVfB StuttgartVfB Stuttgart19
1986/1987GermanyUwe RahnBor. MönchengladbachBor. Mönchengladbach24
1985/1986GermanyStefan KuntzVfL BochumVfL Bochum22
1984/1985GermanyKlaus Allofs1. FC Köln1. FC Köln26
1983/1984GermanyKarl-Heinz RummeniggeBayern MünchenBayern München26
1982/1983GermanyRudi VöllerWerder BremenWerder Bremen23
1981/1982GermanyHorst HrubeschHamburger SVHamburger SV27
1980/1981GermanyKarl-Heinz RummeniggeBayern MünchenBayern München29
1979/1980GermanyKarl-Heinz RummeniggeBayern MünchenBayern München26
1978/1979GermanyKlaus AllofsFortuna DüsseldorfFortuna Düsseldorf22
1977/1978GermanyGerd MüllerBayern MünchenBayern München24
 GermanyDieter Müller1. FC Köln1. FC Köln24
1976/1977GermanyDieter Müller1. FC Köln1. FC Köln34
1975/1976GermanyKlaus FischerFC Schalke 04FC Schalke 0429
1974/1975GermanyJupp HeynckesBor. MönchengladbachBor. Mönchengladbach27
1973/1974GermanyJupp HeynckesBor. MönchengladbachBor. Mönchengladbach30
 GermanyGerd MüllerBayern MünchenBayern München30
1972/1973GermanyGerd MüllerBayern MünchenBayern München36
1971/1972GermanyGerd MüllerBayern MünchenBayern München40
1970/1971GermanyLothar KobluhnRot-Weiß OberhausenRot-Weiß Oberhausen24
1969/1970GermanyGerd MüllerBayern MünchenBayern München38
1968/1969GermanyGerd MüllerBayern MünchenBayern München30
1967/1968GermanyHannes Löhr1. FC Köln1. FC Köln27
1966/1967GermanyLothar EmmerichBorussia DortmundBorussia Dortmund28
 GermanyGerd MüllerBayern MünchenBayern München28
1965/1966GermanyLothar EmmerichBorussia DortmundBorussia Dortmund31
1964/1965GermanyRudolf BrunnenmeierTSV 1860 MünchenTSV 1860 München24
1963/1964GermanyUwe SeelerHamburger SVHamburger SV30

Most Goals in Bundesliga in one season

Most goals scored by a player in Bundesliga in one season? Who has scored most goals in Bundesliga in one season? Robert Lewandowski is the player to have scored the most goals in one Bundesliga season with 41 goals to his name during the 2020-21 season.



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