Best, biggest & greatest ever Champions League Comebacks

9. Liverpool 3-1 Olympiakos

Liverpool 3-1 Olympiacos is one of the Top 10 Champions League Comebacks

When you need to win a game by two clear-goals, you don’t want to go 1-0 down, but that’s what happened to Liverpool at Anfield back in 2004.

It was against Greek side Olympiakos and the match goes down as one of the greatest nights in Champions League history thanks to a stunning moment from Steven Gerrard.

Rivaldo had given the visitors the lead, meaning The Reds had to score three goals to qualify for the knockout stages.

Florent Sinama Pongolle got one back for the hosts before Neil Mellor gave them a 2-1 win. However it still wasn’t enough.

Up step Stevie G.

With four minutes left on the clock, the Liverpool legend thrashes a shot home from 25-yards to give his side the vital third goal. Cue Anfield explosion.

An unforgettable night, but surprisingly not Liverpool’s best comeback…..

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