Chelsea’s Top 5 players in FIFA 18

Chelsea’s Top 5 players in FIFA 18

Release day is fast approaching for FIFA 18 and as it nears everyone is fairly excited. Hopefully they solved the FIFA 17’s issues and provide an even better gaming experience.

and within that, the Premier League title defenders, Chelsea look to have a decent team to play with in FIFA 18.

Here are Chelsea’s top 5 rated players in the latest edition of the game!

5. David Luiz (86)

A deserved overall rating of 86, Luiz would make a good pick for the Ultimate Teams. He’s got good pace for a defender and should be able to reduce the number of counter-attacks and prevent those nasty through-balls from causing you havoc in your defense.

With an 81 in Physicality, Luiz will be tough to get rid of and is a great choice.

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