EFL Cup Winners List – Past Football League Cup Winners 1961-2019

Football League Cup (EFL) Past Winners List (1961-2019)

EFL Cup winners list? Football League Cup Past Winners? Football League Cup, or simply League Cup or EFL Cup, which currently is known as the Carabao Cup. The EFL Cup, is an annual knockout association English football competition in men’s domestic English football.

The competition is organised by the English Football League (EFL). EFL Cup is open to any club within the top four levels of the English football league competitions which consists of 92 clubs in total.

The EFL Cup comprises of the top level Premier League, and the three divisions of the English Football League’s own league competition (Championship, League One and League Two).

Most Successful Football League Cup Team

EFL Cup Winners List - Past Football League Cup Winners 1961-2017

Which club is the most successful in the football league? Liverpool is the most successful club in the football league tournament with eight Cup’s to their name. Liverpool last won the Football League cup in 2012 after beating Cardiff City 3-2 on penalties in the final to extend heir tally to eight cup’s and making them the most successful club in the football league cup.

EFL Cup Winners list – Football League Cup Sponsors

Since it’s start in 1961 the League Cup never had a main sponsor of the tournament. It first had it’s first sponsors in 1981, the Milk marketing company took over the Official sponsorship. for 1981/82 Season it came to be known as the Milk Cup. This partnership only lasted for five years.

The sponsorship was taken over by the worlds leading soft drinks company Coca Cola In 1992 up to 1998 being sponsors of the League cup for six years therefore, it was known as the Coca Cola Cup.

Capital One 2012-2016

Football League Cup Past Winners List

American bank firm Capital One Bank took over also took over the sponsorship for four years from 2012 to 2016.

Carabao Cup 2017/18

EFL Cup 2017/18 - Carabao Cup 2017-2018

Last season, the League Cup had no sponsor and it was therefore called the EFL Cup (English Football League Cup). This season energy drink company Carabao is the main sponsor. For that reason the League Cup is called Carabao Cup during 2017/18. Here is the list of sponsors from 1961-2019.

1960/61–1980/81No main sponsorFootball League Cup
1981/82–1985/86Milk Marketing BoardMilk Cup
1986/87–1989/90LittlewoodsLittlewoods Challenge Cup
1990/91–1991/92RumbelowsRumbelows Cup
1992/93–1997/98Coca-ColaCoca-Cola Cup
1998/99–2002/03Worthington’sWorthington Cup
2003/04–2011/12Molson CoorsCarling Cup
2012/13–2015/16Capital OneCapital One Cup
2016/17No main sponsorEFL Cup
2017/18Carabao Carabao Cup
2018/19CarabaoCarabao Cup

EFL Cup winner 2019 - Football League Cup Winner 2019

EFL Cup winner 2019 – Football League Cup Winner 2019

Winner EFL Cup 2019? EFL Cup winner 2019? Manchester City is the 2019 EFL Cup winner. Previously we have published past winners on the following cups and league’s.

EFL Cup winners list 1961-2019

English Football League Cup Past Winners List? Here are all past winners of the Football League Cup from 1961-2019. Enjoy the list with all past Football League Cup Winners!

YearEFL Cup Winners list
2019Manchester City
2018Manchester City
2017Manchester United
2016Manchester City
2015Chelsea FC
2014Manchester City
2013Swansea City
2012Liverpool FC
2011Birmingham City
2010Manchester United
2009Manchester United
2008Tottenham Hotspur
2007Chelsea FC
2006Manchester United
2005Chelsea FC
2004Middlesbrough FC
2003Liverpool FC
2002Blackburn Rovers
2001Liverpool FC
2000Leicester City
1999Tottenham Hotspur
1998Chelsea FC
1997Leicester City
1996Aston Villa
1995Liverpool FC
1994Aston Villa
1993Arsenal FC
1992Manchester United
1991Sheffield Wednesday
1990Nottingham Forest
1989Nottingham Forest
1988Luton Town
1987Arsenal FC
1986Oxford United
1985Norwich City
1984Liverpool FC
1983Liverpool FC
1982Liverpool FC
1981Liverpool FC
1980Wolverhampton Wanderers
1979Nottingham Forest
1978Nottingham Forest
1977Aston Villa
1976Manchester City
1975Aston Villa
1974Wolverhampton Wanderers
1973Tottenham Hotspur
1972Stoke City
1971Tottenham Hotspur
1970Manchester City
1969Swindon Town
1968Leeds United
1967Queens Park Rangers
1966West Bromwich Albion
1965Chelsea FC
1964Leicester City
1963Birmingham City
1962Norwich City
1961Aston Villa

EFL Cup winners by year and by club

Here is the full list with EFL Cup winner by club and years:

Football clubEFL Cup
EFL Cup wins by year/Years won
EFL Cup runner-up by year
Liverpool841981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1995, 2001,
2003, 2012
1978, 1987, 2005, 2016
Manchester City611970, 1976, 2014, 2016, 2018, 20191974
Aston Villa531961, 1975, 1977, 1994, 19961963, 1971, 2010
Chelsea531965, 1998, 2005, 2007, 20151972, 2008, 2019
Manchester United541992, 2006, 2009, 2010, 20171983, 1991, 1994, 2003
Tottenham Hotspur441971, 1973, 1999, 20081982, 2002, 2009, 2015
Nottingham Forest421978, 1979, 1989, 19901980, 1992
Leicester City321964, 1997, 20001965, 1999
Arsenal251987, 19931968, 1969, 1988, 2007, 2011, 2018
Norwich City221962, 19851973, 1975
Birmingham City211963, 20112001
Wolverhampton Wanderers201974, 1980
West Bromwich Albion1219661967, 1970
Middlesbrough1220041997, 1998
Queens Park Rangers1119671986
Leeds United1119681996
Stoke City1119721964
Luton Town1119881989
Sheffield Wednesday1119911993
Swindon Town101969
Oxford United101986
Blackburn Rovers102002
Swansea City102013
West Ham United021966, 1981
Everton021977, 1984
Bolton Wanderers021995, 2004
Sunderland021985, 2014
Rotherham United011961
Newcastle United011976
Southampton011979, 2017
Oldham Athletic011990
Tranmere Rovers012000
Wigan Athletic012006
Cardiff City012012
Bradford City012013

Most EFL Cup winners – wins/titles

Most EFL Cup winners? Which team has most EFL Cup wins? Which team has won most EFL Cup titles? Liverpool is the most succesful EFL Cup team. The Reds has reached the EFL Cup finals 12 times and have managed to win 8 of the 12 finals. Manchester City  has managed to win 6 EFL Cup titles. Aston Villa, Chelsea and Manchester United have 5 EFL Cup titles.

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