Top 10 Players Never To Win Champions League of All Time

Top 10 Players Never To Win Champions League of All Time

Players never to win Champions League – All Time Top 10

The Champions League is an incredibly prestigious competition. Here we will look at the best players never to win the Champions League.

It’s very difficult to win, and if you do manage it in your career, you’re seen in a group with some of the best players to have graced the competition.

However, this isn’t always the case. There are a handful of world-class players out there who never won a medal, or are still yet to. We are taking a look at Top 10 players never to win the Champions League.

Players never to win the Champions League

Top 10 Players Never To Win Champions League

1o. Ruud van Nistelrooy

Top 10 Players Never To Win Champions League of All Time

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Who doesn’t remember Ruud van Nistelrooy? One of the most lethal and prolific scorer we have seen in recent times. Ruud made his entrance in elite football with Dutch team PSV before taking his talents to Old Trafford and play under Sir Alex Ferguson’s order and then joined arguably the best team in the world, Real Madrid.

The thing these three teams have in common is that they never were able to win the Champions League while Ruud was a part of their ranks. Despite being the competition’s top scorer in three opportunities, he was never able to replicate his individual successes with his clubs. He never got any further than the semi-finals and he was part of that Man. Utd. who was eliminated by Bayer Leverkusen back in 2002.

To make things worse, he went to play for Real Madrid when the Spaniards were going through a streak of last-16 eliminations. Curiously, a year after his departure to Madrid, Manchester United won the Champions League in front of Chelsea.

9. Pavel Nedved

Top 10 Players Never To Win Champions League of All Time

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Nedved’s case was unfair in the eye of many as things could have been very different for him and his Juventus if he was able to play the final back in the 2002/03 edition of the UCL. Pavel was destroying everybody during that campaign and was a big factor for ‘La Vecchia Signora’ to get a spot in the final, but sadly for them, they had to play without their biggest future due to a yellow-card suspension.

That was the closest the Czech player was to win the Champions League, even though he never gave up trying to obtain that desired victory. He even stated “I’d love to finish my career with a Champions League victory”, but that never happened. In his last campaign as a pro, Juve was eliminated by eventual finalists, Chelsea in the round of 16. Nedved is another example of Ballon d’Or winner who never got the Ol’ Big Ears in their hands.

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