Top 10 Footballers Who Never Played in the Premier League-2018

2. Pelé

pele is one of the Top 10 Soccer Players Who Never Played in the Premier League

With out any doubt, Pele is the most influential footballer in the world. Even at the age of 75 the Brazilian is very much involved in Sports and might just compete for the FIFA presidency come this election. In 1999, he was voted the player of the century by the International federation of Football history and Statistics. TheBrazilian never played for any European side during his playing days as he only played for Santos and the New York Cosmas but most of his success came while playing for the Brazilian national team, he became the first player to ever win three World Cups.

The Brazilian has a mindblowing number of goals of 1281 in 1363 career games. Who could beat that? it’s sad that the Brazilian never got a chance to play in the English Premier League or any European top team.

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