Top 10 Chelsea flops of all time! 2018- Worst Chelsea signings ever!

Chelsea flops

Top 10 Chelsea flops! Top 10 Chelsea’s worst signings

Top 10 Chelsea flops! We’ve covered Manchester United’s worst signings, but I felt unfair picking on them – so I decided to go ahead and do another, this time, we rank the top 10 worst Chelsea signings ever.

Chelsea have made some questionable purchases over the years and a number of new signings such as Tiemoue Bakayoko and Alvaro Morata have been called Chelsea flops in 2018. But we decided to give them a little bit more time to prove themselves so we’ve looked through history and selected our top 10 biggest Chelsea flops of all time.

So here are the biggest Chelsea flops ever.

Here we go again. The biggest Chelsea flops of all time.

Top 10 Chelsea flops 2018


Juan Veron Top 10 Chelsea flops 2018

The once quality Argentine star just couldn’t cope in England, failing to live up to 15m pricetag as he arrived at Chelsea.

He coincidentally, also featured on our list of the worst United signings, so not a good time for Veron, then.

Whilst all are agreed that Veron was a quality player on his day – it seemed he just couldn’t quite hack it in England, although to be fair, many argue his stint with Chelsea was far better than when he was at United.

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