Top 10 Football Clubs That Sold Their Best Players!

Football Clubs That Sold Their Best Players

6. Tottenham Hotspur


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Tottenham could’ve been consistent title challengers if they’d managed to keep hold of some of the big players they’ve sold in the recent years, especially that man in the photo above (Gareth Bale). Spurs fans will be hoping they don’t sell their current star Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen as well.

5. Lille


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In the early 2010’s, when the French league was still tight at the top, Lille had one of the most exciting young sides in Europe, with Eden Hazard and Gervinho causing teams real problems. Yohan Cabaye pulled the strings in midfield, while Adil Rami and Mathieu Debuchy made up their defence. In 2011, they won their first league title for 57 years… but 2 years later, all the big stars had been sold. In 2018/19, they finisehd second, but later that summer, they sold their best performing players in Nicolas Pepe and Rafael Leao.

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